Sirloin Burger... mmmmm...

I tried McDic's Angus Burger last June and I hated it. It was expensive and dry as hell. Ever since they started pressure cooking their burgers I have not liked them at all. I get the odd craving once or twice a year, but that's mainly for their fries.

Anyway, I tried out A&W's Sirloin Burger, and I hate to admit that I really liked it! It was almost as thick as it looks in the photos (which is rare.. usually the life-size burgers are 20% of what they look like in photos). Also, the patty was charbroiled to perfection and very juicy. It took me by surprise how yummy it was. I hope it remains available for a while as I WILL be back for more!

Public Blogging

Because of an incident that happened a little over two years ago, I started protecting my posts to only those on my Friends List. The unfortunate side effect of this is that I don't always want to post privately. There are many times I want to post publicly, but I don't because of those anonymous lurkers out there who are just waiting for an offensive post to come up so they have an excuse to bitch at me.

As a result, I have more or less stopped posting publicly. Since I do want to provide my friends with a glimpse into my life, I have started up a public blog on MSN Spaces.

Most of those who are on my Friends List are already on my MSN Messenger list. I have restricted blog access to those on my Messenger list. So if you want to catch my Public posts, head on over there. Of course, I still do not guarantee that any of my posts will be very interesting at all...

Publicly speaking, see you all on MSN Spaces!

Just got off this call...

Me: Your passwords are out of synch. I can update your Novell password to be the same as your Windows one.
Client: Okay.
Me: I can't see your current Windows password, so if you're comfortable telling me, you can keep the same password. Or I can give you a generic one and you can change it later yourself.
Client: No, that's alright. But I have to say, it's not a very nice password. In fact, it's quite rude.
Me: That's okay, I've probably heard them all by now.
Client: Fuck you.
Me: ... that's your password?
Client: Yes. *laughing* Cuz that's what I say every time I have to change my password.
Me: ... alright, I've reset your password. So tomorrow, just login with... that and you should be okay.
Client: Thank you! *laughing*

Kelowna Trip

MJ. Never leave home without it.

Yes, it's a MOONrise... and the next morning, it was followed by...

...a grand SUNrise.
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