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Juky's Jolly Journal of Joy

Thoughts and Revelations

Aside from having my ass firmly planted in front of a computer at work and at home, you can find me on the ski slopes in the winter; blading and biking in the spring and summer if I'm not on a tennis or volleyball court; and in a gym playing badminton or indoor volleyball in the fall.

.: I'm a techie aspiring to be a geek
.: I want to be a better photographer
.: I wish I was a better artist
.: I aspire to be a better athlete
.: I have a unique imagination and creativity
.: I am decent at many things, great at nothing worrying about minor details
.: I think too much and over-analyze

My journal is primarily Friends Only. This means that the majority of posts, thoughts, and 4am revelations only show up for those on my Friends list.

Curious about my life? Drop me a comment in any public post.

If you play WoW, I'm primarily on Malorne. Look me up if you play Horde there as well. Names are Jyuktar and Currybrisket.

If you want to contact me, click here (friends only).